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The Boys bowling team defeated Temple Christian by a score of 2,712-1,982. Leading the Cougars to victory were freshman Gabe Rollins with a 214 high game and Senior Tyrell Eddins with a 210.
Meanwhile, the Lady Cougars fell to St. Marys by a score of 1659-2221.
Individual scores for the boys: Joey Kinner (174, 149), Gabe Rollins (192, 214), Tyler Ruger (190, 157), Jason Zosh (148, 183) and Tyrell Eddins (180, 210).
The boys team won four of the five Baker games versus Temple Christian, including a 219-116 victory and a 199-125 rout among the wins.

Individual scores for the Lady Cougars: Celsea Boroff (94, 166), Sarah Linser (104, 138), Alisha Mills (93, 90), Kiara Lamb (96, 139) and Dayna Gray (103, 99).
St. Marys won three of the five Baker games, with Van Wert claiming a 134-126 win and a 122-117 decision.