The AP Government students of Van Wert High School will be submitting a weekly editorial to inform the public on a variety of issues. They have been encouraged to research, take a position, and defend their reasoning for having such thoughts. The purpose of these editorials is to provide awareness and knowledge for the community and to be thought provoking. The views expressed in these editorials do not represent Van Wert High School, and are written solely by the student author.

There are more than 10 million children in this world without homes. Twenty million kids in this world have no family, nor anyone to care for them. With this deprivation of love, too many children are growing up with mental and physical disabilities, as well as possessing a multitude of psychiatric issues. Love has a huge impact on all our lives.

Our government is trying to pass a bill for international children that we can’t reach here in the U.S. These children don’t have a voice to reach for help, and that’s why the CHIFF bill needs to be passed. The CHIFF bill stands for children in families first. This act is trying to give every child a family to live in. It was sponsored in the Senate by Senators Landrieu and Blunt and in the House by Representatives Granger and Bass. In Ohio, no one is sponsoring this bill, and this is why we as the people need to write to our elected officials and ask to be a part of this bill.

This bill creates an effective child welfare system. This system would assist in family preservation, reuniting families together, kinship, domestic adoption, and international adoption. If this bill would pass, it would decrease human trafficking and the sex trade. The average age for children involved in sex trafficking is 13. These kids on average are forced into sex, 20-48 times a day, because they are left on the streets or have ran away. No one deserves to be in these terrible conditions, so please take a stand and voice your opinion to our representatives. You can make a difference, as long as you don’t stay mute just as everyone else. Take a stand for what is right!