Amanda Clay
Amanda Clay

The AP Government students of Van Wert High School will be submitting a weekly editorial to inform the public on a variety of issues. They have been encouraged to research, take a position, and defend their reasoning for having such thoughts. The purpose of these editorials is to provide awareness and knowledge for the community and to be thought provoking. The views expressed in these editorials do not represent Van Wert High School, and are written solely by the student author.

What does one do when morals conflict? Is it better to obey the law, and have a family suffer or starve, or is it better to break the law, and keep them fed and healthy? The topic of illegal immigration always brings about a lot of debates and very little reform. Illegal immigration is a major issue because the immigrants take away American jobs, are willing to work for lower wages, and use American resources that they have never paid into. Illegal immigration is not only a financial issue, but also a moral and ethical one. Most people believe that in most cases it is morally wrong to split up a family.

“Anchor babies” are babies born in the United States to parents who are not citizens. This causes problems because the child is a citizen, but if the mom was here illegally, then she is still illegal.

The President’s Four Part Plan for Comprehensive Immigration reform attempts to increase border security, punishing the employers who hire undocumented immigrants, create a path to earned citizenship, and streamlining our legal immigration system. The Republicans want tighter border security, to reinforce existing immigration policies, and make a system that would allow illegal immigrants in the U.S. to “get right with the law.”

I believe the correct answer is somewhere in between. I believe people need to come to America in a legal manner and in order to receive benefits; they have to be legal citizens. However, when questioning morals, keeping a family together and creating a way to allow them to become legal while also tightening border security to stop more illegal immigrants from coming in, is the best plan.