Sean Miller
Sean Miller

The AP Government students of Van Wert High School will be submitting a weekly editorial to inform the public on a variety of issues. They have been encouraged to research, take a position, and defend their reasoning for having such thoughts. The purpose of these editorials is to provide awareness and knowledge for the community and to be thought provoking. The views expressed in these editorials do not represent Van Wert High School, and are written solely by the student author.

Withdrawing all troops from the Middle East, not in our best interest

There were 32,000 U.S. military personnel wounded, 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, 4,480 U.S. military personnel deaths and 806 billion dollars spent on war efforts in Iraq from early 2003 up until 2011 in just 8 short years. This is why withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan right now is not in The United States’ best interest. The United States is pumping millions of dollars into their war efforts in trying to get rid of the taliban.

We should look at what happened in Iraq and try to learn from our mistakes. After leaving Iraq, the presence of al-Qaida was just as great as when we first arrived. When the United States and other Coalition forces left Iraq, the cities which we once had control of were soon retaken by al-Qaida. Ramadi and Fallujah are two examples, both cities in which the United States had many casualties.

The United States has put too much money and manpower into Afghanistan to just pull out. I believe the United States should continue training Afghanistan forces and rebuilding the government so that when we do pull out, the country is ready to face different challenges on its own. As of right now, Afghanistan is dependant upon the United States and the other Allies, they are not quite ready to be on their own.

We wouldn’t want to waste all the money, time and manpower we have already put into Afghanistan to just pull out and have the entire country fall under the harsh rule of the taliban like what happened in Iraq with al-Qaida. The United States needs to set its priorities, it should not be to just go into a country, to fight its wars. It should be about protecting the rights of individuals such as women and children in those countries. While also keeping the fight in preventing terrorism.

The United States should stay in the Middle East to continue the war on terrorism and protect the rights of individuals who protect themselves in the Middle East.