To whom it may concern,

Since we have had one of the worst winter storms I can remember I thought after getting out and about I would take time to say thank you to all the City of Van Wert employees who worked hard to keep the roads in town passable and for removing the snow from the downtown area. Thanks should also be extended to the county and state employees who worked a lot of overtime to keep the main arteries to the city and elsewhere open as best they could. To all the emergency responders, city police, sheriff’s office, Highway Patrol, Brickner’s and all the rural communities volunteers, a big thank you goes out to them for their dedication to their jobs.

I realize that what they did over the last few days is part of their job but until you have personally had to go out and plow snow over and over again on long routes and even longer hours one can’t begin to realize the dangers involved in their jobs. The roads are slick and icy but one can drive on the roads using common sense to get where they need to be. For this, I am extremely thankful.

Please take the time to let the workers involved how much you appreciate their time and efforts on your behalf. Hopefully we are done with this weather and I hope the worse is over for 2014.

If I have missed anyone I am sorry and I didn’t mean to do so.

Thanks to all and have a great new year!


Larry Mengerink

Van Wert