To the editor,

This letter is in response to Sen. Hite’s letter “Wind is our Shale.”

He is concerned with his granddaughters’ future, but as a Senator representing families living in Northwest Ohio, is he concerned about our future?

Living among turbines in the Blue Creek wind project, I have had sleepless nights, head pulses, and headaches. Others suffer from migraines, dizziness, and chest pains. There are many who have TV and cell phone interruption, drainage and well issues, cracked concrete, soil compaction, crop yield and property value loss. The noise makes it difficult to sit outside. I can hear the noise of the turbines inside my home with windows and doors closed and the TV or radio playing. It is sad I can sit in my son’s backyard in Dublin and it is more peaceful there. Last summer, a turbine made a siren sound for six months. I had to leave my home several times because the noise was unbearable. Is this leaving Ohio for the better? Is this what you would do to your granddaughters?

Sen. Hite said he was not aware of transmission lines that are less than 70 feet from home’s foundations. Has Sen. Hite talked to many of his constituents who have issues? What good is money when many are suffering from the above issues?

When the Derecho caused a power outage in 2012, many residents in this area were without power for nine days. This spring , we were without power for four days, but yet the turbines continued to turn.

What new industries have come to Van Wert because of turbines? They have been here for over five years now.

Sen. Hite is not leaving Ohio a better place for generations to come. Protect all of us, not just your granddaughters.

Brenda DeLong

Van Wert