Time to get caught up around here. It seems that when I start to write about something, more starts to happen. Like the new survey about computer passwords. Last year, I reported on the most-used passwords being used by computer-users in the U.S. (How did they find out the passwords? Apparently Uncle Sam is looking over your shoulder as you check your bank balance and write nonsensical emails to your old high school buddies.) Anyway, the most popular password was the never-imaginative “password.” But apparently since that time, computer users haven’t taken greater precautions. A new study shows that the new, most-popular password is “123456” instead of “password.” Ah, the brilliance overflows. It’s no wonder that every third stranger you encounter on the Internet is a raving lunatic.

Speaking of raving lunatics, the guy who is running a website which will allow voters (whom we must assume are raving lunatics) to select the name for his daughter. The baby is due in April, and still the top name is Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin. With just over two months left before the projected birth, there is little chance that Amelia can make up the 12,000 vote lead and restore sanity to this situation. Cthulhu has around 105,000 votes while Amelia is only around 93,000. There’s probably a better chance of the third-place (29,000 votes) name claiming victory and the little girl can go to kindergarten and explain that her name really is Megatron McLaughlin. Raving lunatics.

And the tales of the lunatics continue. With Super Bowl Weekend upon us comes news of the couple near Seattle who had a daughter this week and named her in honor of the AFC champion Seattle Seahawks. Daddy’s last name is Mann, and the home crowd which gives the Seahawks an incredible home-field advantage is called the 12th man. So what football-loving raving lunatic couple wouldn’t name their precious little girl Cydnee Leigh 12th Mann? Yes, the poor little girl will be saddled with a name that will have all the importance of the Terrible Towel when she is in her 20s. A living football mascot.

Now I’ve done my own raving lunatic impression in these pages when talking about snow. More accurately, I was talking about the people who just can’t seem to deal with snow, despite the fact that this area sees snow pretty much every year. A few feign heart attacks rather than to go out and scrape that dusting of snow out of the drive, and others have anxiety attacks over the possibility that there could be snow on the roads as they drive to work. I realize this winter has been tougher than the preceding two, but perhaps everyone should take a deep breath.

That goes for those raving lunatics in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida also. A blizzard which dropped up to (brace yourself) three inches of snow on that region has effectively closed the entire region. True, those areas don’t have plows or road salt to deal with snow, but the most relevant factor is that those areas don’t have the experience of dealing with enough snow to allow a decent snowman. School kids and teachers are camping out inside the schools rather than risk going outside in these tundra-like conditions. Roadways look like someone just held a demolition derby. Give them credit; they are trying their best to deal with it all, but it makes me wonder what those Minnesota folks have to say when a foot of snow drops on Ohio. Ironically in all this, the weather in Alaska has been downright balmy this past month. Most people could handle 40 degrees and a smattering of snowfall… except for Georgia, of course.

Anyway, prayers for all those raving lunatics in the deep south dealing with the not-so-deep snow. And prayers to little Cydnee Leigh 12th Mann and to the soon-to-arrive Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin and to those they will have to beat up for making fun of their names. And prayers to all you folks who think the password, “123456” is better than the password, “password.” You’re the ones who need prayers the most.