I am writing in regard to the local Topix Internet site. I believe there should be a mediator involved at all times to read all posts. Some need reported to the police. Recently a good friend of mine died. There were racial slurs and more hurtful and awful names. It took more than a day to remove it as you have to report it and it could take a day or so to get removed. This is all based on fact because my name and my family’s name is always on there saying we all should die. Then, once erased, they start a new forum that takes about a day to get removed. People do not understand how powerful words are, apparently. I believe there should be a mediator at all times. It has benefits, but racial slurs, cursing, talking about a person’s religion and personal life, etc. I am trying to be a part of a solution, not the problem.

April Diltz
Van Wert