To the editor,

America we are so deep in dept (why)? We need people in the White House serious, reliable, honest, responsible for their actions. By the way who pays for the president, Democrit and Repubicans airplane trips, parties and vacations? Don’t (we the people) give them enough money? They even give themselves raises. Can our grovernment do anything they want? (we the people) and its from the people to the leaders, (not) from the leaders to the people. God giveth grovernment taketh away. America is (one nation under God). The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Issue on selling American products, we don’t sell USA labels on products today. Because when they took factories out of America for cheaper labor and left us high and dry, we sell other country products rich. Thats hog wash.

Here is a good one, the grovernment is going to raise miniums wages. We should be thankful. (Right) Wait a minute this means — grouries, health insurance and rent the economy goes up to, you think you got that raise? Theirs this issue marijuana — its a flower, but can be used in cigarettes. It cause the suer to lose control of himself as by giving him a false feeling of well-being. When the grovernment legalize marijuana they get a tax cut. Don’t we have enough problems with drinking and cell phones, texting people and children getting killed.

Marijuana is wacky-tobacky what will it do to people and childerns minds? Then you have the farmers putting chemicals spray on the crops to kill the weeds also poison the water system. Adding stuff to our meats to make it go farther its all about money (not) health. Is money more importen then our children - grandchildren?

Thank you for your time.

Arlene Lee Bachman

Van Wert