I don’t consider myself a “political” person. I have my beliefs and they don’t always line up on the same side of the fence. I’m a huge fan of forming the “Common Sense” party. Sometimes these politicians make me want to go back to bed with a good book and forget where and who I am.

On Friday, I covered Governor Kasich’s campaign rally in Lima. I didn’t think I was going hear much other than the usual rhetoric. These things are usually predictable and could be written, in most, without attending the event.

He did say one thing that stuck in my mind and I hope it will continue to grow in there and come to fruition. He said you don’t have to start out with the idea that you need to help 100, 50 or even 10 people. You just have to help one.

Huh. That’s pretty simple. Just focus on helping one person.

This follows along with a Facebook post I read on Thursday. It was the short story of a little girl on a beach filled with star fish that had washed up on its shores. She was frantically gathering up the sea stars and tossing them back in the ocean. A gentleman came along and questioned her endeavor saying she could never save them all; she couldn’t change the situation for all of them. She picked another one up and tossed it back in the sea and said, “Well, I just changed it for that one!”

Out of the mouths of babes.

I think sometimes we see the big picture and get overwhelmed by it all like that beach full of star fish. We need to break it down and take smaller pieces that can be fit back together and form a better picture. That daunting task can become more manageable in tinier bites. Someone involved in an eating contest doesn’t look at the whole pile of hot dogs and think, “I have to eat all those!” They think, “I have to eat one and then another and another.” It all starts with one.

We can look in our city and parochial schools right here and think we have to help all the students or we can find a way to help one and then move on to another. It all starts with one.

Trust me, no one at either school is going to turn away a volunteer. They both need and will gratefully take our help. It could be something as simple as having a student read to you or going through math problems. It all starts with one.

There are people right here in Delphos who could use a little encouragement, a smile or a pat on the back. Life has kicked them down and they don’t need a hand out; they need a hand up. It all starts with one.

So when you are out and about this weekend going about your errands, hitting those garage sales or enjoying the events at the Marbletown Festival, look around and see how you can help. Who could use a hand up or a smile or a little encouragement? I bet you don’t have to look too far to find someone. There are a lot of people in our community that could use it. It all starts with one.

And then the next one will be easier. And then there will be two. See you’re already 20 percent done with your first 10!