Todd Wolfrum
Todd Wolfrum

“Why would you trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants less than one mile away?” – Mather Byles’ quote from colonial times used in the movie “The Patriot”

Despite popular misconception, America was never meant to be a democracy. A pure democracy, also known as mob rule, rivals a dictatorship in its lack of protections for its citizens. We were meant to be a constitutional republic.

It is noteworthy that our first national document is titled “The Declaration of Independence” and not “The Declaration of Separation” or even “The Declaration of Revolution.” We started by declaring ourselves independent, stating we were born free, able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as we individually saw fit – and we meant to keep it that way.

238 years later, the Progressive movement, after a century’s incubation, has manufactured the consent of the mob into the greatest force of anti-independence our republic has known – a stronger force of subjugation than King George ever sent. After all, the British taxes we rebelled against were trivial compared to the rates we pay today. He may have had his redcoats, but even in his madness, George never dreamt punitive schemes that could rival the EPA or the IRS.

The Progressive mob, with free cell phones in one hand and a ballot in the other, re-elected a blatantly failed president. It does not care if its policies have disastrous long-term effects – maintaining independence is not its goal, not even in its top ten. It only cares that some people have more and others have less. Its only guiding metric is that hazy subjective target of fairness. And nothing short of total surrender will satisfy its demands, as was demonstrated in its response to two Supreme Court decisions last week.

In one case, Hobby Lobby and other closely held corporations were found able to refuse to insure what are basically abortion drugs. Hobby Lobby still must insure 16 other birth control options. Progressives claim this extremely limited ruling to be part of the conservative “War on Women,” even though half of the fertilized eggs killed by the pills would eventually turn into women. Pretended outrage ensued.

The other case found that a few home health care providers in Illinois don’t have to join a union. What about the indentured servitude of all employees forced to pay union dues contra the freedom of association guaranteed in the First Amendment? If you want to see what a real fight against public unions looks like, read Scott Walker’s book “Unintimidated.” This ruling was laughably limited but again, pretended outrage ensued.

These decisions were hailed as victories for conservatives. If these are what constitute conservative victories, then the mob has already won. These rulings are worse than nothing at all because they pretend to be something and only serve to rally the mob. The Constitution is no longer the safeguard against the mob that it was intended to be. Conservative justices, in their reluctance to overturn precedent, will never reinstate its protections. They struggle to declare even the obvious, as they did last week, in the face of the Progressive media storms. Liberal justices only await the discovery of the next loophole to expand government. Brother, it’s a rigged game.

Americans generally don’t know what the rest of the world does - that independence is not the natural state of things, tyranny is. And, ironically, after all this time, the biggest threat to American independence is its incredible success, a success so great it has created the luxury of apathy. Even a $17 trillion debt fails to intimidate in the face of the inescapable inertia created through our past liberty.

Our independence is a Catch-22. Those who appreciate the freedom for which our founders fought tend toward just wanting to be left alone. That spells trouble for organized movements, as the Tea Party discovered when it was hijacked by some poor candidates and a few unapologetic racists. Freedom needs a guiding force.

We all live better than King George did 238 years ago – even the poor have cars, electricity, microwaves, and in-door plumbing. The ultimate goal of the Progressive mob is that we forget that independence, not entitlement, is why this is so – and they are advancing. As thousands of illegals flow across the border, at what point does this mob reach critical mass? At what point does apathy deserve tyranny? Nothing says this has to last forever – Rome and Britain each once had inescapable inertia as well.

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