Someone who shall remain nameless had a tragic door knob issue this week and was trapped in their office for a bit. It was much needed comic relief toward the end of a very tough week. We were teasing this individual that we could slip food under the door and were brainstorming on how to provide liquids. At one point, they announced they had good news, “At least I don’t have to go the bathroom!”

Sorry, I’ll try not to enjoy your misfortune quite so much next time if it happens again.

So that got me thinking on what I would do if I was trapped in my office. First, I’d also unplug the phone. Ah. Peace and quiet.

Then I’d make a list of all the things I have been meaning to get to but never quite accomplish. You know, the things on the bottom of the priority list each day or week that never seem to move.

I love the fast pace and activity in the newsroom but sometimes it prohibits a good work flow. I get entangled in all the little details and have to struggle to keep up with the big picture. A few hours of uninterrupted work time would be wonderful.

So here I am all by myself with no phone to bother me and I’m getting all kinds of stuff accomplished. I can hear someone outside the door and soon my respite will be over. Back to reality and all the little blips in my day that put me behind.

Since I have become an adult, I have often lamented the fact that I hated to be grounded. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be grounded now? I would have to stay in my room with no computer, tablet, phone or television. Hmmm. What would I do?

The first thing is take a nap. I have missed my naps. I have found myself plotting a small siesta almost from the time I get up on Saturdays and it has yet to come to fruition. I get busy with tasks that need done and then the next thing I know my husband is home and it’s time to complete the weekly grocery shopping and then its dinner and soon it’s time for bed and a little late for a nap so I might as well just stick it out. A vicious weekly cycle.

If you remember in one of my past columns, I explored the benefits of naps and found a comparison on the length and their outcomes. How I long for that 90-minute nap that can be so beneficial to my piece of mind and at times, other’s safety. That has been just a fond memory of late. Go, go, go.

I have been so busy I have a brand new sweeper and steam mop that all I’ve had time to do is the assembly required and little else. And yes, it shows. Don’t look too closely in the corners or anywhere else for that matter. If you came to see what kind of housekeeper I am, you could have sent a text or email. Really.

I am also behind on laundry. It’s been two weeks and I’m officially hitting critical in the undergarment department. I’m hoping to start on that first thing today and plan on setting a timer so I can stay on it.

Perhaps someone could lock me in the house this weekend so I can get more accomplished. Every room needs a little something and most need more. Many need a complete overhaul. I just need to find the time and gumption to come together.

Oh, well. I think they’ve got the small door problem figures out. Time to join the rest of the world. Now if I could just remember how I locked myself in here.