To the editor,

I would like to use this format to not only inform the community but to express appreciation to so many small businesses who have donated so graciously to the HOPE 4 HANNAH fundraiser.

Even when things are tough, small business comes through for so many worthy causes here in Van Wert. I personally take time to read the businesses who donate to these many causes and try to give back.

I also would like to express how proud I am as a parent to my child who has put a big effort into the benefit for Hannah. Travis … you had a hard time from birth … but God is great and has always carried us when it was needed. All of us are precious in God’s sight … it is only us humans who choose to put one above another. How loved we, your father and I, that God gave you and your sister to us.

I hope to see many of you at the HOPE 4 HANNAH fundraiser at the Wassenberg Art Center on Tuesday, April 22. The doors open at 5:30, sale starts at 6:30 p.m. If you can’t come, donations can be made at Simply Irresistible, 239 S. Washington St. See Hannah’s story and journey at and please pray for her.

Thank you.

Eunice Tribolet

Van Wert