To the editor,

When Cliff Hite was appointed to the Ohio Senate in 2011 he took a chance on two young Ohio House of Representatives staffers to work in his office. Although we have since moved on in our careers, we are proud to say that Cliff was once our boss, but is now a mentor, advisor, and truly, family.

One thing you learn working in the state legislature is how diverse the population of Ohio is. There are thousands of opinions on thousands of issues and even among people from the same political party, consensus cannot often be reached. We have learned that it is important to understand the character of our leaders making the tough decisions. Working in his office, we saw the passion and determination he uses to fight for his constituents. Cliff is unwavering in his devotion to doing what is right for the people who voted him into office. He is truly the “coach” of the Ohio Senate.

And even when some of those voters disagree with a position on an issue or vote cast, Cliff is always ready willing, and able to discuss the decision making process. The Senator often goes out of his way to find the interested parties who may disagree to find consensus.

Cliff has made the tough decisions. We have seen him stand up for conservative principles, sometimes even against his own party. Cliff has been effective in protecting the unborn; he has promoted the 2nd Amendment, lowered the tax burden on Ohioans, returned state tax dollars back to the 1st Senate district, and he is tireless in his lifelong dedication to education.

All of these things make him a great legislator, but Senator Cliff Hite is more than a great legislator, he is a great man. We had the honor and privilege to learn from someone who has committed their life to improving the lives of others.

Cliff loves God, his family, his friends, and Ohio. The citizens of Northwest Ohio have a strong legislator in Cliff Hite, but more importantly, they have a remarkable man.

Alexandria Mock

Powell, Ohio

Spencer Waugh

Hilliard, Ohio