Nancy Spencer
Nancy Spencer

I won’t insult anyone by saying I never win anything. I have won a thing or two in my day but I NEVER WIN at Bingo!

It never used to bother me because I enjoy playing. I enjoy the suspense. I like waiting breathlessly for the caller to say B-5 or N-27 — the last number I need for Bingo. And usually, it just doesn’t happen.

I found out I’m pretty much a poor loser when there are big-ticket items involved — like, let’s say, purses.

I attended the first Canal Days Purse Bingo and I was so excited. Some people are into shoes, some people are into hats — I love purses! I don’t have a lot. Just a few select ones I just couldn’t live without.

I went to the Purse Bingo with a friend and we found a few more to sit with and then we were off. The caller was flying through the balls and still no Bingo. A few cards held only two or three sad little dabs. When the purse I had my eye on came up the butterflies started in my stomach and I held my breath with each new call. I just had to have that purse!

Well, that didn’t happen and I am ashamed to say it made me a little angry. OK, I was mad. I wanted that purse!

So, the rest of the games I pouted as purse after purse went to someone else. All I wanted was the Bingo madness to stop.

Then, on the way home, the lady who won my purse was walking north on Main Street toward my house. Hmm. I had a few evil thoughts and then I went home and pouted some more.

Bingo returned to Canal Days the next two years and every time someone asked me if I was going to play, I just shook my head and said I had to be somewhere else. Why put myself through all that? I was also a little embarrassed by my own actions and feelings the first time. Really, Nancy. Pouting over Purse Bingo?

So as I walked over to the park Friday I just talked myself right into playing a few games and then moving on because I had work to do.

When I first caroused the Bingo Tent all the seats were full and I just took some pictures and then walked around and took some more. Whew. Now I didn’t even have to deal with it.

When I made my way to the tent a second time, there was a seat right on the edge, right where I wanted to be and it seemed like fate. “Come and play,” the Bingo Tent called to me.

I got out the money I was willing to donate and settled in. I went through four or five games playing two cards each and nothing. I expected no less. And then — it happened. I got a Bingo — four corners! Yes!

I made my money back and more and even got a cool little magnetic bingo card holder which came in handy because it was a little breezy.

So I kept playing. A few rounds later it happened again. The same four-corner Bingo!

Wow, I was on a roll. I pocketed my money and gave away the magnetic card holder and got a little more comfortable.

It’s always more fun when you’re winning. It doesn’t sound all warm and fuzzy, but it’s true. You know it and I know it.

After my third Bingo, people were still happy for me but I could tell they probably didn’t want to hear my voice again unless it was to chat.

I left the Bingo tent with a little more money than I started with and a light heart. I was the Bingo Queen! It’s the little things, you know.

I hope I have overcome that little green monster that made me feel so angry and jealous when I didn’t win that purse. I will now confess my other “purse incident.” Thanksgiving in some year that began with 2000, we had a group gift exchange. You had to choose a gift that started with the third letter of your first name. I picked all kinds of nail polish and other accessories for a good manicure.

We all drew numbers and I was No. 1. I had my eye on a package and since I was first, I went for it. IT WAS A PURSE! It was sooooo cute. I fell in love instantly. Then the next person stole it from me. Whah?!? Since I was No. 1, I had to wait until everyone else went and then I was left with the last gift. You know exactly what I got. It was mine! I don’t even have long fingernails and I don’t paint them. Bummer!

I’m not like that in any other instance. I love it when good things happen to other people, I just wanted it to happen to me that time. Oh, and the Purse Bingo time.