To the editor,

Can the city please make people put lids on their recycling containers. Every Friday after pick up on my street, I have to go around my yard and pick up trash. Last Friday, I picked up three beer ans, two Coke cans, one milk jug, four water bottles and newspaper from my neighbor’s trash across the street. I know it was theirs as Coke box, Busch beer box, water and newspaper from their trash.

I say if they need more trash containers then go the city and get more. I’m tired of picking up their paper plates, etc., in my yard. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like I do.

The city should get on people to use lids on their recycling — or give them a ticket for their trash in other people’s yards. Besides it would make the city money. If I threw some paper from a car, I’d get a ticket.

Betty D. Brown

Van Wert