To the editor,

In the Thumbs Down column of the March 28, 2014, edition of The Times Bulletin, I read the comments Diane Slates made about the crossing sign and flashing lights not being on Main Street from East Court Street to the Marsh Hotel anymore. This sign and lights were there for making a safe place for pedestrians to cross Main Street.

(The present two small signs showing a crosswalk are inadequate, and very few see them).

Over a year ago, my wife and I were trying to cross Main Street at the marked crossing on the pavement and were almost hit by a car.

I discussed this issue with a city official and was told the State was responsible for the lights and sign being taken down. I was also led to believe that it was illegal for the city to re-install them.

Several months ago, I checked with a department head and was told that it was not illegal to re-install the lights and sign. Then, I contacted a councilman and asked him to check why the sign and lights were not there anymore. After he checked this problem, he said reinstalling the lights and sign wasn’t illegal, but would be costly to put back up.

Well, after the city purchasing the First Financial Bank, and I’ve been told buying three new backhoes, installing the sign and lights would cost peanuts in comparison. This sign and lights are greatly needed for crosswalk safety.

Tom Wise

Van Wert