To the edtior,

I want to thank all my snow angels:

My son, Lynn Army, for coaching me through this challenging winter. He counselled me constantly on proper winter care and dealing with frozen water.

My granddaughter, Beth, who during the storm waded through over three feet of snow drifts to put a horse blanket on a shivering horse.

Dale Linton, who dug me out, and dug me out, and dug me out again, 

started my car and started my car again.

The propane man from Convoy who managed to get propane to me.

James Roehn who immediately brought me a load of hay and put it in the mow.

The mysterious stranger who somehow managed to dig out my big brown ServAll garbage can, which was buried in a huge snow bank, then he stacked my garbage bags in and on it.

How wonderful to have these people in my life!

Yes, it does take a village to raise a grandmother.

Barb Steptoe

Ohio City