Although the calender may not reflect it, summer is almost over. How do I know this? Well, for one, I was attacked by a cicada the other night on my porch. That is definitely not a “summer” activity.

I’m sure for anyone who caught the performance, it was a show-stopper. I yelled and ran around in circles with my arms up in the air. Probably not the most graceful thing but it worked. That awful thing got off me and when I got in the house and shut the door, it beat on the storm door four or five times before giving up and flying off.

According to my esteemed colleague, the earlier you hear them, the earlier the frost is. Fall may be sooner than we think; I’ve been hearing them buzz for weeks.

It seems like after we celebrate the Fourth of July, the rest of the summer seems to evaporate. I couldn’t believe it when I got the first school registration and was even more surprised when the first day arrived.

Many of my flowers are starting to show the wear and tear of blooming like crazy for months. The fuchsia has already made its way into the garbage and the begonias are looking pretty sad.

Unfortunately, our latest attempt at growing tomatoes failed miserably and those have been gone for a month or more. We seem to be tomato-challenged. We have tried to grow two tomato plants in that Topsy Turvy thing and failed miserably both times.

The first time we got one from a friend and pushed our little tomato plant through the bottom and filled it with dirt and then my husband watered it diligently every day. We found out you really aren’t supposed to fill it up with dirt or water that much and it quickly drowned and looked like a weed that had been set on fire.

The second time around, we got one already well established. It was ginormous. It already had three tomatoes on it. We thought we had it made. We were going to show that Topsy Turvy a thing or two. It only took us four weeks to kill that one. We did get a couple tomatoes off of it before its demise. I’m not sure what happened to it. I know at one point my husband thought I was watering it and I thought he was. Hmmm.

Then we decided we would just stick with the cherries and plant them in pots. They soon got that funky stuff on their leaves and soon all that was left were stalks and puny, sad little green tomatoes.

Another sure sign of the end of the summer is the Van Wert County Fair. It’s in full swing and there’s still time to get that elephant ear or Venedocia Lions sausage sandwich! So put on those walking shoes and make your way through the fairgrounds and see all the 4-H and FFA projects, cute animals (you could visit the sheep barn for me and take pics of all the sheep after they’re shorn and in their pajamas!) and adults even get in the action with displays or ginormous veggies, baked goods and other projects.

Football season is about to start and I can’t wait to walk out the back door and hear the announcer and the cheer of the crowd. I think I’m going to make it a point of taking in a few games this year.

I have some bad news about what comes after summer. The Farmer’s Almanac arrived in the newsroom this week and you had better soak up this sunshine and heat while you have the chance.

We’re in for a winter similar to the one we just barely made it through. Well, maybe that was just me but I got tired of subzero temps and snow as far the eye could see for weeks pretty quickly. We can pooh-pooh it all we want, at the end of the day, it has an 80-percent spot-on forecast record and it’s been around a little while.

So this weekend I’m gonna kick back, relax and enjoy what has been dubbed the last weekend of summer. I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and the last few free days. I’m still holding out for Indian Summer that has failed to show its face in past years.