We have a world champion in the family!

My husband has spent this week in Virginia Beach with our niece, Lotus, his sister and her husband and dozens of Dancesensations Dance Center dancers at nationals.

On Wednesday, my Lotus Leaf was named Miss Teen StarQuest, the highest StarQuest honor! She won every one of her categories and racked up the hardware and other prizes. I have to tell you, next to her parents, you couldn’t have found anyone prouder than Jay and I. He was so stoked he was actually there to see the performances that led up to this prestigious award.

We were worried when she hurt her knee last fall and had to have surgery. Sometimes even the littlest injury can end a career. She came back better, stronger and more determined than ever rise to the top and be the best. That is one little girl with her eye on the prize and her gaze never wavers.

I was able to watch most of her performances and I have to tell you, even after four years, I still tear up when I see her dance. I’m no judge but when she starts to move I get goose bumps. I guess the real judges saw it, too, and rewarded her handsomely. Her toes were always pointed, her legs always straight, her arms always graceful.

What I noticed most was her facial expressions. She draws you in and keeps you there. She is a lyrical dancer at heart it shows. If the judges decisions mean anything, she’s the best in her age group.

The trip has become sort of routine for my husband. He knows what to pack and makes sure a hoodie or two make in because the event halls are usually freezing to keep the dancers cool. He called several times this week and was walking around the block to warm up. (Don’t tell Ringo. I’m sure he’s missed his walks with my husband. They usually do at least a mile a day and more on Sunday and Monday.)

I, on the other hand, had been plotting for weeks. I squirrelled away a few of my favorite foods Jay doesn’t like and I had four new books on my iPad I planned to make it my mission to read. That hasn’t worked out so well. I’ve been so busy at work and it’s easy to stay later than usual because the only one at home is Little Ringo and his dinner’s already in his bowl.

I’m sure our fur-bearing son will have a different story to tell his dad. He doesn’t like my schedule much. When I’m getting around in the evening to head back in to work to put the paper to bed, he’s ready for bed himself. He and Jay are early to bed and early to rise. He gives me the stink eye when I come home as if to say, “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting up for you. Don’t you know it’s past my bedtime?” Poor Little Ringo.

Well, just one more day to go and Jay will be home and he’ll fill me in on all the happenings of nationals. I can’t wait to hear about the Pyramid Party and all who were “roasted.” If you’ve ever seen Dance Moms, you know the pyramid and how important it is. My brother-in-law is always in the top spot because he is the driving force behind the “prop dads.”

The Pyramid Party is a time for the parents to get together and talk about what’s happened so far during the week and make fun of each other. The kids are all invited to a pizza party by StarQuest so the parents don’t have to worry about them for a while.

My husband was a little nervous about the “roast” part but all that was said is “he comes all the way from Ohio to build and carry around props and still finds time to shop.” If you know my hubby, you know he is sometimes shopping even when he’s sleeping.

It will be good to see my better half Sunday. I’ve missed him. Maybe we’ll go shopping. He likes that.