To the editor,

It takes more to be a mother than carrying a child for nine months and nurturing it. More than giving birth to a child. It takes a lot of time, effort and lots of sleepless nights.

Moms got through sickness, diaper changing and bottle feeding. But it is worth it all. Mothers try to protect their children from harm and danger. When they get hurt we pick them up and cuddle them and kiss away their tears. We hold them and rock ‘em until we know their all right. When we had to spank: them we would say “it hurts me more than you” (yea right mom!).

When they are little they step on your toes. When they get older they step on your heart. But we forgive them. Because that is the way God made us mothers, with love unconditional.

We try to give sound advice when they were growing up, and hoped they would listen. We weren’t always right. Please forgive us, but we did our best. We correct our children and tried to bring them up in admiration and the nourishment of the Lord.

So we have recognition for all mothers on Mother’s Day to honor her, to cherish her, to love her like she loved us all through the years. Give her hugs and kisses. Say to her “Mom, we love you.” Give her a gift, or take her out to eat for appreciation, because God gave you a gift - your mother to love until God takes her home to heaven.

Arlene Lee Bachman

Van Wert