Information submitted

BBB has received several calls from Target customers regarding emails they have received. Target has sent emails to their customers who may have been affected by a pre-Christmas data breach. The email from Target offers free credit monitoring services to its shoppers. The credit monitoring services is provided by Experian. Shoppers need to sign up for this service on the Target website listed in the email. These letters were also sent to shoppers that have not shopped at Target for a period of time. These emails are legitimate. Target has stated that all the letters sent out to shoppers have been posted on the company’s website along with information about the free credit monitoring.

BBB has received calls from consumers stating they received a call from someone at VISA wanting to give them a refund for purchasing software to fix their computer. The consumer purchased this software when they received a phone call from a person claiming they were from Microsoft stating their computer could be compromised. The individuals calling are foreign and are asking for personal information. BBB warns consumers to hang up on the caller, do not give out any personal information or call the phone numbers back. If you received a call, notify the BBB.