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VAN WERT — Van Wert County Sheriff Thomas M. Riggenbach confirmed this week that deputies completed verifications for all 50 registered sex offenders between Feb. 24-28. Deputies were able to verify addresses on all adult and juveniles on the sexual offender list.

Random address verifications are authorized by Ohio law, but not required. This marks the third time verifications have been conducted in the county within the last year. Riggenbach confirmed that his office has already prosecuted one registered sex offender this year for failure to register, because the offender failed to timely register a change of address as required by law.

The verifications were done by visiting the residential address of each offender. Each offender was found to be in compliance with requirements.

Ohio law requires all sex offenders to register in person with the Sheriff on a scheduled periodic basis to verify their address, employment, school affiliation, telephone numbers, vehicles, and internet identities. The in-person periodic verification registrations are scheduled with each offender depending upon their offender risk classification — every 80 days, 180 days, or once per year.

Riggenbach stated his office will continue to take the extra steps of random address verification as a matter of public safety to assure an offender’s compliance to make it clear that there is zero tolerance for non-compliance. Sheriff Riggenbach also stated his office will continue to investigate and prosecute any registered sex offender who fails to meet their legally required sex offender registration requirements.

To learn more about sex offender regulations or to search for offenders, click on the sex offenders link at

Residents can also register to receive automatic emails from the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office anytime a registered sex offender registers an address within 1/4 mile to 2 miles away from any address designated. Currently 7.2% of Van Wert County residents are signed up to receive automated emails from the Sheriff’s Office on sex offenders. Residents can remain anonymous when reporting information to the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office.