Paul Hoverman
Paul Hoverman

Today was partially spent setting up our Niswonger Performing Arts Center booth in the Commercial Building at the Van Wert County Fair. We have a nice location to greet you as you enter the east doors of the Commercial Building. You will be greeted by a large picture of Kenny Rogers as you enter the building. Betcha didn’t know Kenny Rogers was going to be at the fair! Also on display will be Josh Turner, Sinbad, and the Newsboys.

These are just the big pictures, but you will also see some new video we have of the Annie Moses Band which is very cool! This band kicks our season off on Oct. 4 and you will be seeing and hearing a lot about them over the next month. This family band has a show entitled Rhapsody in Bluegrass and it looks very exciting! Watch the video and you will see what I mean. These guys have been on PBS, performed in Carnegie Hall and on the stage of the Grand Ole’ Opry. That’s quite a variety of genres and locations.

We will actually be selling tickets while at the fair. Kenny Rogers will probably sell out by the end of the fair. There are only 127 tickets available as of this writing. The “Gambler” will sell out soon! Another show to watch is the Olate Dogs. It is selling quickly with only a couple hundred seats remaining.

Last night, I was on my computer and I saw a YouTube pop up of Sinbad, the comedian. Sinbad will be here on Feb. 7. I was literally laughing out loud as I watched his standup comedy act entitled “Where You Been?” I don’t usually laugh out loud that often. I think you will want to check this guy out and then don’t miss him when he comes to the Niswonger this winter. By then, I’m sure we could all use a good laugh!

Stop by and visit our booth at the fair. We have a nice, comfortable area with lots of materials available for you to take with you and/or share with a friend. Encourage a friend or acquaintance from out of town to visit us, especially those who have never been to our performing arts center before. I am still amazed at how many have still never discovered the magic of the Niswonger before.

As a reminder, any show or concert at the Niswonger can be purchased now when bundled as three or more in a Select Series. Some are available now as singles. Stop by our booth and see how we may help you discover the magic of the Niswonger.

I will start reminding you now that the biennial performance of Handel’s Messiah at Christmas time will be presented on Dec. 14. For those who wish to be a part of the chorus, rehearsals will begin Sunday, Nov. 9 from 3-5 p.m. at First United Methodist Church in Van Wert. The soloists are all confirmed and I will be excited to share them with you in the near future. After a short visit to Nashville to visit some friends of Van Wert at the Grand Ole’ Opry this weekend, I’ll see you at the fair. Happy Labor Day, y’all! FINE