VAN WERT - Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper J.J. McClain and Lt. Leslie Brode assist Lincolnview Elementary students out the emergency rear exit during a drill at the school. The patrol is helping to recognize National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 21-25. This year's theme is: "Stand Back from the Yellow and Black." Students were taught how to properly get on and off a bus and the location of danger zones. Besides the rear door evacuation drill, students had a demonstration of the emergency bus windows and other emergency practice situation.

Crestview Local Schools is also recognizing the week, noting that school bus drivers are essential elements in helping school districts provide meaningful educational opportunities for kids. The district would like to show their appreciation for its bus drivers. This is the one time of each year that school administrators and communities and the public should join together to celebrate the incredible successes that we enjoy with school transportation. The school bus is absolutely the safest way for our children to travel to and from school, and at the same, it provides an incredible convenience for our parents while at the same time reducing traffic congestion and smog around our communities. Without any school buses in our state, an additional 750,000 personal vehicles would be on the road twice daily to transport students back and forth to school. That would bring more congestion, more fuel use, more accidents, and a net loss of safety for our school children. Whether running a regular bus route, or transporting a team to a sporting event, bus drivers provide the glue that gets students where they need to be.