Paul Hoverman
Paul Hoverman

Each year it seems I am asked this question, “How could you be sold-out already?” This normally comes with concerts that the public finds most appealing. From past years, Kelli Pickler, Kenny G, and Marie Osmond come to mind.

Over the seven years of existence at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center, we have created, learned, and tweaked the way we offer tickets to the public. While we are always looking to build our audiences and expand our outreach, we also wish to reward those who consistently support us. Because of this, we release tickets in different ways at different times. Many of you know that members, grand series, and select series buyers have already had the opportunity to buy tickets. These are people who either monetarily support us and/or also support us regularly through ticket purchases.

Each concert has an individual release date attached to it. Any remaining tickets which have not been “eaten up” by the aforementioned processes are then released for sale. This is typically 90 days before the concert/event date. Many, especially from out of town, are surprised and sometimes dismayed that there are no tickets left when they call a few minutes past noon on the day of single ticket release. “How could that be?” we are asked. Well folks, this is the explanation. And we try to get the word out to everyone, but some are just unreachable, so it seems!

One of our most popular concerts for this season, Country Music superstar, Josh Turner releases single tickets today and there may not be many left to purchase. By the time we finish Tuesday’s business, we may have less than 50 tickets remaining for the single release. It’s funny when I talk to people who are dismayed they couldn’t get tickets; because when I ask them about three or more concerts I think they might also like to attend, they agree. I then explain that they could have purchased them earlier and been assured of the one concert they are now shut out of. Oh well…. All we can do is keep trying to get the word out as much as possible.

Don’t be shut out of the next Niswonger concert you want to attend! I encourage you to look at the entire season now and plan ahead. Select Series tickets can literally be purchased right up until the last three concerts of the season. And new this year, they can be purchased on-line 24/7. Right now, several others look like they have sold-out status stamped on them. Kenny Rogers, The Temptations, and a few others are not far behind. Some problems are good problems. We are grateful we have the opportunity to deal with these kinds of problems from time to time.

I also want to encourage everyone to look at the entire roster of concerts and shows either on-line at or with our catalog. There just might be several other events you might enjoy. For instance, if you love animals - dogs in particular; you certainly don’t want to miss The Olate Dogs coming on November 1. Take a look at their promo video and you will fall in love with these cute little critters turned superstars of the stage! And the tickets start at just $10!

If you like a Broadway show, I highly recommend Memphis, coming March 28 and 29. And if you love tap dancing, you won’t want to miss Anything Goes, our other Broadway show. See what I mean? It doesn’t take long to find three shows you are interested in seeing at the Niswonger PAC. Buy now, save money, and you won’t be shut out either!

That’s my advice for the day. Thanks for listening! FINE