DHI Media Correspondent
VAN WERT — When Van Wert High School student Hannah Putt began working at Vancrest Health Care Center, she never realized that it was going to provide special benefit to her mother and family.
“My mother had worked here for 19 years,” said Putt. “She was placed in the hospital and was quite sick. I was overwhelmed by the way that Vancrest residents came to our support. They did all they could for us and raised money for our needs.”
She noted that Vancrest employees had fund-raisers and gave her personal and food needs to help the family. She emphasized that it was a strong encouragement to both of them.
“Now she is in the rehabilitation center here,” continued Putt. “They are doing all they can to help with her therapy and help her get back on her feet. She will be going home soon and she is doing better than they expected.”
But it’s not only at Vancrest where Putt has felt the support and concern of those around her. For 15 years, she has danced at a local dance studio. These days, she was somewhat concerned about the expenses incurred going into to her senior year. Once again, friends, family and extended family have stepped up to the plate for assistance.
“I am still going to get to dance,” said Putt. “My extended family is going to support me financially.
“This has brought us all closer together,” continued Putt. “With all that has happened with my mother, it has really helped me to grow. Now when she comes home, I can keep a watch over her.”
Putt described her feelings about everyone helping as, “being completely honored by it,.” She said that Vancrest employees have become more like a family to her than anything.
“Since this is my first job, it really means something to me,” Putt said. “My mother knows staff and everybody in the building. When she needed therapy, she chose Vancrest because she knows everyone here.
“I came here with her when I was small. Every day, somebody tells me that they remember when I was a baby,” continued Putt. This year will be Putt’s final year in high school. She played tennis two years and has been involved in many clubs. Her utlimate goal is to attend Bowling Green State University.
At Vancrest, Putt works in the kitchen and cafeteria of the assisted living portion of the home. She prepares salads and places them on the salad table.
Putt said that she gains stories every day from the elderly around her that help her in her own experiences in life. When she hears stories about how many of them made it through difficult times, it gives her courage as well.
“I love a lot of these people because they have their own experiences to tell,” noted Putt. “Many of them allow me treat me like I am their grandchild.
“I am impressed with the way that they have helped her. They’ve done all that they can to get her back on her feet,” continued Putt. “She will be going home soon. She has plans of coming back here to work sometime.”