Times Bulletin Correspondent
PAULDING — When Emily Farr, a senior at Vantage Career Center, talks about her future, she speaks in terms of giving back to society in recognition of the fact that someone saved her life when she was born. Farr, the daughter of Jim and Susan Farr of Paulding, along with her twin sister, Taylor, were born three months prematurely. For many days, their lives were considered to be in jeopardy before they finally started to gain strength. Initially, Emily weighed 2.14 pounds and Taylor weighed only 1.14 pounds.
Their mother, Susan, said she will never forget the time she took them out to a public event. It happened to be the Great Mass of Easter several months after their birth.
“Somebody saved my life; I want to save somebody else’s,” said Farr. “I had the opportunity to job shadow. At first I shadowed a nurse and then a veterinarian, because I love animals. If I was going to do nursing, I wanted it to be pediatrics.
“It’s very rewarding to be here today,” continued Farr. “It’s possible that I might not have been here. I know that our parents did all they could for us. I feel like I’m here for a reason and I want to contribute back.”
These days, Farr is leaning towards radiology. In a field where she would do x-rays, cat scans and ultra sounds, she feels that she will still have the opportunity to help preserve life within the mother’s womb. As a state-tested nurse’s aide, Farr is currently employed by The Gardens of Paulding.
“I love what I am doing right now,” said Farr. “I enjoy the people at the nursing home and I am really enjoying attending Vantage.”
In high school, Farr has been involved in softball, volleyball, 4-H and FFA. She credited her mother for many of her areas of interest.
“My mom was involved in FFA,” said Farr. “I look up to her a lot.”
Following graduation, she plans to attend Rhoades State in Lima and major in radiographic imaging. She said that her career choice will probably lead her into working in a hospital, but possibly also in a doctor’s office or nursing home.
Also, Taylor will also be attending Rhoades State and majoring in dental hygiene.
“My family means everything to me,” said Farr. “Taylor and I are very close. We tell each other everything.” Farr is active in the youth group at Divine Mercy Church in Paulding. Her greatest satisfaction occurs when she gets good grades. The Paulding native is currently sporting a 3.6 grade point average.
Farr said that she really enjoys working with medical machinery. It was that inclination, she said, that ultimately helped make her decision to go into radiology.
“Right now, I am really enjoying working with the people at the nursing home,” said Farr. “I get so attached to them. They mean a lot to me. I know that I am going to enjoy spending my life trying to help people.”