Jeff McIntosh
Jeff McIntosh
VAN WERT – For the seventh year Jeff McIntosh has been a leading fish fryer for the Van Wert Knights of Columbus Hall located at 425 Woodland Ave. in Van Wert.

Each Friday evening during Lent, the Knights of Columbus fry fish on behalf of some special need in the local area. Organizations where donations will still be given include Pregnancy Life Center, St. Mary’s School Tuition Assistance and St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Those who have already received help include Van Wert Civil Air Patrol, Van Wert County Special Olympics and Van Wert County Cooperative Food Bank.

“Rick Say had been head of the Fish Fry for a long time,” said McIntosh. “He was to the point where he was ready to step down. At that point, City Councilman Steve Trittschuh stepped up to help out.”

“He was in charge at that point and I was a helper,” continued McIntosh. “One of the factors was that my wife had been in charge of food services at St. Mary’s for over 30 years.”

McIntosh noted that in previous years, his brother-in-law, Dave Smith and Marvin Vetter had put together the recipe for the fish batter. Smith also encouraged them to purchase a mixer which would give the batter more consistency.

“He helped us to streamline the product and my wife, Mary, helped with the process,” said McIntosh. “All of the people that helped us completed the circle. In time, we got the product, the process and the people.”

“I have my heart in all of this,” continued McIntosh. “We have several groups where we can donate money. Paul Shoppell takes several days in preparing 420 pounds of fish each week for this. The supply comes from Lima.”

The menu each week consists of Alaskan Pollock, baked potato or french fries, vegetable, cole slaw and a drink. Cost is eight dollars for adults, seven dollars for seniors and four dollars for kids.

McIntosh noted that over 25 people come together for each Friday Lenten Fish Fry to assist in putting the supper together. He also praised the Civil Air Patrol for donating time the last four years to help clean up after the supper.

“This year they are included as recipients from a fish fry,” said McIntosh. “They are very good workers. They are such polite men and women.”

McIntosh noted that each Lenten Fry is a two-day-event with set-up on Thursday evening and then getting the food ready to go and set out on Friday.

McIntosh and Mary have been married for 31 years and have two grown sons.

“I don’t know what I would do without her,” said McIntosh of Mary. “She is such an encouragement and help. I am so thankful for her.”

“I really enjoy working with the fish fry. I like the teamwork and the new friends I make as well as keeping up with lifelong friendships. We are all so glad to do all that we can to help our community,” added McIntosh.