DHI Media Editor
DELPHOS — The 2013 Delphos Police Officer of the Year spent 22 years in another field before earning his badge. Sgt. Greg Foust, 47, worked at a body shop repairing vehicles but always dreamed of becoming a police officer. After his children became a little older, he went after that dream and in 2006, was a special deputy for the Van Wert and Allen County sheriff’s departments and found full-time work with the Delphos department in February 2007.
“Certain officers have been selected in the past for this designation due to a specific event or series of acts such as large drug sweeps or similar activity,” Police Chief Kyle Fittro said. “I am nominating Sgt. Foust for consistently engaging in ‘above the bar’ performance, professionalism and hard work.”
Foust has spent the bulk of his time on second shift and was assigned as second shift acting sergeant in January 2014 and officially promoted to sergeant on Feb. 3.
“Foust had done an outstanding job as the second-shift supervisor with that shift consistently being the most productive and energetic,” the chief said.
Fittro uses Foust as an example for his other officers.
“Sgt. Foust comes to work every day ready to do his job,” Fittro added. “He looks professional, acts professional and does in his job in a way the City of Delphos and its citizens can be proud. He is that employee that you could leave unsupervised for months and you would not worry if he was doing his job or doing it correctly.”
The busy sergeant also takes time to help other officers with reports, arrests, calls for service, accidents, investigations, etc., in addition to ones he handles himself.
Foust is amongst the leaders in the department in stats, accumulating the following from February 2007 to Dec. 31, 2013. He has personally:
• Written 1,032 reports;
• Made 564 arrests;
• Handled 152 car crashes; and
• Handled 6,885 calls for service.
Foust was also named the MADD Top Cop of the Year in 2007 and 2009 for the most OVI arrests within the department.
“From a chief’s perspective, I never have to ask Foust multiple times to complete a task,” Fittro said. “One request and the job is done and it’s done right.”
Foust has been married for 28 years, has three children and six grandchildren. He and his wife enjoy camping in their off time.