CONVOY — With questions about how many makeup days will be needed by the district this school year, Crestview is bringing students to school to make up a calamity day this Saturday.

“As of now, we’ve canceled nine school days this year plus 17 delays. So for now we are simply following our calendar the board approved last February,” reported District Superintendent Mike Estes. “I think we’ll probably get some of those back, but I don’t know when that will be decided.”

The district did build in another Saturday it can use for classes later in March, but Estes indicated that there are many schedule conflicts which could make using that day nearly impossible. The board is also considering extending the school day by 30 minutes each day as a way to make up more time. The Ohio Senate’s Education Committee was taking up the debate this week about the bill passed by the Ohio House last week which could give districts up to four days credit for calamity days.

This will be the final year to deal with counting calamity days for school districts. Beginning with the next school year, districts will be counting the hours, as new laws require a set number of hours in session rather than a set number of days.

As the Crestview Board of Education gathered for the February meeting, two presentations were made. One of those was from Crestview students Seth Moser, Megan Hartman, and Bryce Richardson. These three put together a video about sportsmanship for the Northwest Conference. That video is being shown on WOSN television.

The other guest was Kristie McCormick, representing the Ohio Technical Education Committee.

The board was informed of several rescheduled events. Grandparents Day in the elementary has been set for Friday, May 16 while the Elementary Spring Concert will be held in the afternoon and evening hours on Thursday, April 10. The high school dinner theatre will run April 5-6. High school students taking the Ohio Graduation Test will do that March 10-14.

A discussion on safety focused on a work session held by the board previously with Van Wert County Sheriff Tom Riggenbach. According to Estes, the district is installing a loudspeaker system and a strobe light to notify those on the playground of danger. The district office is being fitted with a buzzer entry system and “panic buttons” are going to be installed also.

Bids for paving work near the baseball/softball diamonds will be accepted on March 6. The district hopes to pave some of the gravel areas to help keep the area cleaner.

In other action, board members:

• Approved a contract with Lori Orsbon as district administrative assistant. Heather Riggenbach will be reassigned to the position of high school secretary.

• Accepted the resignations of Connie Moser, Joy Schaadt, and Ruth Monnier.

• Approved Joy Short as girls soccer coach, Morgan Hicks as 7th grade softball coach, and Tony Springer as high school baseball volunteer coach.

• Approved financial reports and accepted tax rates as determined by the Van Wert County auditor.

• Approved family leave for maternity beginning in early March 2014 for Sarah Brenneman.

•Approved the Crestview Indoor Track Club as a school club to be voluntarily coached by James Lautzenheiser.

• Approved a settlement agreement with ACI Construction Company, Inc. and WM&T, LLC.

• Approved the purchase of a school bus from Cardinal Bus Sales for $85,112 including trade-in and discounts.

The board also announced that Crestview Local Schools will offer district parents the opportunity to provide recommendations and/or suggestions for special educational programs and services. Interested district parents may set up an appointment by calling Keith Rydell, program services director.

The next meeting of the Crestview Board of Education will be March 17, 2014 at 6 p.m.