Christmas Tree decorations by Rex Dolby.
Christmas Tree decorations by Rex Dolby.

It is the time to sit back and reflect on the past year on all the things that have happened. This year, for us, we could sit back and reflect for a very long time. The list is long. Believe me we’ve been trying with just a little bit of staring off into space mixed in. We made the Top 10 list of significant local goings on this year! As a result of the year-end reflection, an idea came to light that most likely, we are the most positive and significant thing that happened in Van Wert this past year. This effort, due to the support of our members, volunteers, board of directors, staff and the Van Wert County Foundation have pushed forward with a positive force equal to geological shifts that move mountains. While controversy and sometimes negatively bogged down other endeavors, our corner of the community pushed onward rattling windows and literally shaking the ground. As we drive north on South Washington Street we now see a clear view of a quality-built, historical building, which supports the visual arts industry. We have employed independent contractors and suppliers and the subsequent economic contributions could rival that of a small discount store for many years. Simply because an art center may lack smoke stacks we are an industry and a community tour de force. Now, for the best part, we are just getting started.

That being said, you might want to find out a little bit about our next event, the Big Wassky, which will take place on Feb. 14 beginning at 7:30 p.m. Shhh. It’s secret. You will have to ask someone (or us) in the know to get the skinny. One thing one of the hottest bands in Toledo, Distant Cousinz, will have the joint jumpin.

We will soon be announcing our Annual High School Invitational. Student artists from a 35-mile radius of Van Wert for are eligible for entry and the chance to win cash-prizes. This year we will be increasing those awards as well. If you are an educator, let your students know about this great opportunity to showcase their work. This year the exhibit will take place in February.

Our classes will be returning on Jan. 7 with a pottery class taught by Dan McMahon of Van Wert and our morning Classic Watercolor Class taught by Pat Rayman, Ohio City. Give us a call or check out our website for more information or to sign up! We have some more program designs in the works and will launch them as soon as possible hopefully in February.

If you have any questions regarding the classes or programs and would like to sign up please call the Wassenberg Art Center at (419) 238-6837, email or register for classes online at Hours during exhibits are: Tuesday through Sunday from 1–5 p.m. The Wassenberg Art Center is located at 214 S. Washington St. in Van Wert.