Information submitted

LIMA - The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently issued warnings about two scams seen in the west central Ohio area.

The BBB has received inquiries from consumers who have received a phony utility invoice by e-mail. The invoice claims to be from a company called PG&E Energy. The statement will show a total amount due of $559.70 which includes gas and electric charges as well as a past due amount. The statement has a place for you to click here to view your most recent statement or register to view your statement. Do not click the link to view the statement. The BBB is currently seeing an increase in phony utility statements throughout the country.

The BBB is also issuing a warning about a debt collection scam. An Allen County consumer reported a call she received from an alleged FBI officer demanding payment by wire for an outstanding payday loan. He stated he had been monitoring her online activity and that she needed to pay immediately. The consumer said that she did have an outstanding payday loan, but the balance the “FBI officer” quoted her was incorrect. The alleged FBI officer also spoofed the caller ID. This is a scam, and the FBI does not operate in this manner.

If you run into these or other incidents you suspect may be scams, contact Cheryl Parson at the Better Business Bureau at (419) 227-8012.