The Ohio 2014 Capital Budget was introduced in Columbus earlier this week and several million dollars have been prioritized for this portion of the state. The legislature approves a capital budget every two years.

The nearly $2.4 billion capital improvement budget is expected to create 31,000 jobs across Ohio while funding needed repairs and maintenance of current projects and the construction of new facilities. In all, $675 million is earmarked for local school construction projects while another $454.5 million is set aside for public colleges and universities.

Other budget items call for $369 million in local infrastructure projects under the control of the Ohio Public Works Commission such as roads, bridges, sanitary sewers, and water lines. The Clean Ohio program is slated to receive $100 million to improve outdoor recreation facilities, preserve open spaces, and maintain farmlands. Another $574.3 million will go toward the maintenance and renovation of facilities including Ohio State Parks, state prisons, mental health and other public buildings.

Under the Capital Budget in the local area, Allen County will receive a little more than $10 million. Approximately $1.5 million will go toward Lima Stadium Park while the rest is split between Rhodes State College and Ohio State-Lima for various projects.

More than $4 million will be sent to Mercer County with Wright State Lake Campus receiving a little more than half of that total and the rest going toward projects on the Celina Boardwalk, Coldwater Memorial Park, Shanes Park Expansion, Eastview Park, and the Celina Westview Park Quad.

Paulding County will also receive funds. The Black Swamp Education Center Parking Lot project has had $21,525 set aside for use.

Approximately $1.6 billion of the budget total are considered statewide projects and not designated for specific counties.