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The YMCA recently kicked off its 2014 Annual Board Campaign. The YMCA volunteer board of directors has set an annual board campaign goal of $40,000. Cooper Farms has kicked off the campaign with a donation of $2000. The YMCA’s financial aid program has not changed over the years.

“While we have remained focused on our mission to help the at-risk children and families in our community, our need for support continues to grow as we have added several groups to the growing list of people who receive low or no cost memberships” stated Shad Foster, 2014 campaign co-chair.

The YMCA now provides free memberships for all disabled vets and their families, free fitness classes for low income seniors at Homestead Village, free fitness classes at the Council on Aging, no cost memberships for families of deployed soldiers, free access for military on leave, free access to all delayed entry servicemen and their recruiters and financial assistance to Thomas Edison adults who participate in the MRSI program. Money raised through the Annual Board Campaign will provide low income individuals, families, at-risk children and all those listed above the opportunity to utilize the YMCA facilities to improve mind, spirit and body. Our largest group of financial aid recipients are needy and at-risk children. For these children the YMCA has become not only a place to come and socialize with their peers, but also for many it has become a place for healthy adult supervision and encouragement.

“As part of the YMCA mission, we attempt to reach as many needy individuals in our community as possible” stated Rob Gamble 2014 campaign co-chair. Financial assistance is made possible by this campaign and partial funding by United Way. Each year the YMCA has an Annual Board Campaign.

“The board of directors and YMCA staff are committed to continuing the legacy of one of the oldest not-for-profits in Van Wert County. During the 2013 Annual Board Campaign, YMCA board members and staff donated over $8,500” stated Hugh Kocab, executive director of the YMCA.

The YMCA supports Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. If interested in supporting the YMCA you can donate now at or contact Heather at or Kristin at If you are interested in donating to the campaign you can contact any board member, Y staff or visit us on-line at or by calling (419) 238-0443.