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VAN WERT — Twig III met on April 4 in the Van Wert Hospital Conference Room. The speaker was Kathy Fisher, director of Outpatient Services for the Van Wert Hospital Emergency Department. Some of the disposition numbers for the Emergency Department in the year of 2013 were 15,581 total visits. Out of this number 1,566 were admitted, 52 refused admission, 30 left with out being seen, 59 left prior to competition, 27 expired, 36 left before triage, 591 transferred, and 13,220 discharged. The patients high on the list transferred to another hospital are strokes, trauma, and some pediatrics.

Kathy listed five reasons not to go to the emergency room: You rarely see the same physician twice-decreasing the chances that your medical history will follow you, emergency room doctor will only treat current problems, not underlying problems; if a more critical patient arrives a less urgent care patient will be moved down the waiting list; emergency room visits cost significantly more than regular office visits. You may end up paying a large bill out of your pocket if you go to the emergency room for a sore throat.

Kathy talked about the HIPAA rules which are very private for the one concerned. Names are not to be released unless privacy is not listed. The single emergency rooms for the patients are very convenient for the doctors and nurses to work in. A family viewing room for members to be together to grieve for a loss was added when the new emergency room was built. The NW Family Caring Clinic has help cut the costs to the patient instead of going to the emergency room.

When in the emergency room as an observation patient you may take your own medications in the original bottle. This is much less costly to you as a patient. The Call-A-Nurse number is 1-888-909-8924. The Van Wert Emergency Department is staffed 24 hours per day by board certified or eligible physicians in emergency care. The entire staff is trained to handle all emergencies ranging from minor to major trauma.

Lisa Dunn, chairperson, opened the business meeting with 18 members in attendance. April 16 will be the All Twig meeting at noon. April 24 at 11:30 a.m. is the appreciation dinner and anyone who did not receive their invitation should notify Amy Rhode.

The gift shop noted sales are doing well. The greeting cards are being discontinued with a mark down price in place. Members were asked to dust shelves when working their shift. Work schedules were assigned.

Hostesses for the evening were Sharon Bowersock and Marilyn Bebout. The next meeting will be May 13 at the hospital. New members are always welcome. Further information may be obtained by calling Linda Hoffman or Eleanor Souders.