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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Recently, at the 2014 Ohio Pork Congress, hundreds of individuals involved in the pork industry met to recognize and honor leaders and outstanding contributors during the Ohio Pork Council’s Annual Awards Luncheon.

The OPC Swine Manager of the Year Award recognizes an individual who excels in the management of a swine operation. This person is expected to be extremely knowledgeable of the pork industry and have demonstrated the ability to make key decisions for their operation. The Ohio Pork Council is proud to recognize this year’s Swine Manager of the Year Award recipient, Kevin Stuckey.

Kevin grew up on a small farm outside of Hicksville, Ohio, and raised his first litter of pigs at the age of nine, as the result of a 4-H project. Kevin and his brother, Matt, maintained a small sow herd throughout high school and college, with help from their parents, Dennis and Ella Jane. Kevin graduated from The Ohio State University in 1996 with a degree in Ag Business and a minor in Animal Science. Kevin studied abroad at the Prague Agricultural University, where he met his wife, Beth, a student from the University of Missouri. During his college years, Kevin interned with Laub Farms, in Indiana, and took a full-time position on their sow unit until after graduating.

Kevin began his career at Cooper Farms in 1998 as the assistant manager of the company’s first sow unit. Over the years, Kevin has become a sow unit manager, a multi-sow unit manager, sow production manager, and has been the sow division manager for the last year and a half.

Cooper Farms is a leader in the production of hogs, turkeys, eggs, feed and retail turkey products. The company has six 2,500-sow units, producing over 390,000 pigs per year. Each farm has a corresponding gilt acclimation barn and the entire system is supported by three gilt development units and a company-owned boar stud.

Kevin is involved in the daily supervision of approximately 10 people and indirectly oversees approximately 70 people. He is a charismatic leader and his people are naturally drawn to his leadership style and ability to make crucial decisions.

Kevin has had tremendous results with his sow division team, leading to some spectacular heights for Cooper Farms.

Kevin and his wife, Beth, reside in Hicksville, with their two children, Alaina (9) and Owen (6).