VAN WERT — The Hoaglin-Jackson Sunrise Club met Aug. 13 at the Van Wert Pizza Hut with 13 members and three guests present. Roll call was answered by where we would like to go on vacations. Many places of interest were wished upon. Sallyanne Calvert gave the devotions and Bible verse reading from Genesis 48 chapter, 16 verse.

Middle Point Fire Chief Craig King was the guest speaker and gave the program. King has been a fireman since 1989, starting in Youngstown, Ohio. On his third day in class he was invited out for lunch with some buddies to the Chic Filet and forgot his phone. While in the line of traffic he saw a car in front of him looking like they might be in difficulty.

The adults both jumped out, saying their child was choking on a piece of chicken and to call 911. King grabbed the child and with some CPR the piece popped out. By then a ambulance arrived coming across town and there was only one to serve the small town. Later on there was a celebration held in honor of King in Youngstown for his act of bravery.

Five cards were signed by the card chairman for various people. Members in attendance included Betty Woodruff, Marilyn McCracken, Sallyanne Calvert, Elaine Blair, Dolores Keysor, Mary Callow, Donna Kiehl, Corky Hammons, Anne Hammons, Marge Clouse, Annabel Holland, Esther Spridgeon, Lorraine Niese, and guests: Barbara A. Miller, Craig King, and Jody King.

In September the speaker will be Kevin Matthews, executive director of the Van Wert Council on Aging.