COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted reminded Ohioans that absentee ballot applications are going in the mail Friday for more than six million voters and should be arriving in mailboxes across the state within the next few days. Secretary Husted outlined details of the statewide mailing for the 2014 general election earlier this month.

“This year’s statewide mailing is another in a series of steps we have taken to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat for allvoters,” Secretary Husted. “Voters who take advantage of this convenient option will be able to cast their ballot from the comfort of their own homes and help to reduce the chance for long lines at the polls on Election Day.”

2014 Statewide Mailing At-a-Glance:

· Two mailings will go out as part of this year’s effort. The first, which will go to more than six million voters, goes in the mail tomorrow and will arrive just after Labor Day. The second will go out in early October and include those individuals who register to vote or update their voting information after Aug. 1.

· Registered voters in all 88 counties will receive an absentee ballot application, marking only the second time in the state’s history that all Ohioans will have the same level of access to the ballot. The first was in 2012 when Secretary Husted mailed all voters an absentee ballot application.

· Applications have been personalized to each registered voter and prepopulated with their name and address on file. Voters need only provide valid identification, date of birth and signature to complete the form.

· Voters who return an absentee ballot application will begin receiving their ballot once the early voting period begins on October 7th, the day after the close of registration – giving voters four weeks to complete and return their ballot.

· The cost of this year’s mailing is estimated to be $1 million and paid for using Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funds. The 2012 statewide mailing cost $1.4 million.

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