Parkway’s Brody Adams puts bat on the ball during the Panthers’ come-from-behind win over South Adams on Wednesday. Adams and the Panthers move to 7-6 with the win. (Times Bulletin/Pat Agler)
Parkway’s Brody Adams puts bat on the ball during the Panthers’ come-from-behind win over South Adams on Wednesday. Adams and the Panthers move to 7-6 with the win. (Times Bulletin/Pat Agler)
By Daniel Joseph
Times Bulletin Correspondent
ROCKFORD — After a doubleheader on Saturday and back-to-back games Monday and Tuesday, the Parkway Panthers played their fifth game in as many days on Wednesday against the South Adams Starfires.
The game started rather rough for the Panther right hander Hayden Abomovich as three of the first four batters of the game got on base and later scored. The Panthers had errors on back-to-back batters which turned out to be costly for them as the first error should’ve ended the inning with having only given up two runs. Instead, Abomovich and the Panthers allowed seven runs in the first inning including a stand-up two-RBI triple for Collin Affolder.
“This is exactly how the last four games have gone for us,” said Parkway head coach Luke Clouse. “We’ve had so many games lately and pitching has been our priority. We’ve had so many errors, and because of that, our pitchers have thrown a lot more pitches. The three guys that pitched for us tonight did really well, but the first guy (Hayden Abomovich) had to throw thirty more pitches just in that first inning.”
The Panthers got a run back in the bottom half of the inning when Austin Adams shot one into the outfield and Cody Depweg came into score. South Adams scored three runs in the next two innings while Parkway only scored two, making it a score of 10-3 after just three innings played. The Panthers got three more runs in the bottom of the fourth making it a 10-6 ball game in favor of the Starfires.

After a scoreless inning and a half and chipping at the seven run deficit from the first inning, the Panthers came to bat with only six more outs to go and still down four. The inning didn’t start off as well as they would’ve hoped with two of the first three hitters making outs with the middle batter drawing a four-pitch walk. It all went downhill from here for the Starfires, however.
The next batter, Abomovich, hit a hard grounder to the second basemen but it went through his legs and into right field. Austin Dennison came around to score on the error which made it 10-7, Starfires.
South Adams then called on Eric Pimentel to get the final out of the inning but Ryan On hit a soft liner to the first basemen, who couldn’t field it cleanly. On reached base by beating the fielder to the bag, this gave South Adams their second error of the inning, and fourth of the game. Brandon Gibson walked on five pitches to load the bases, bringing up Cody Depweg and the top of the lineup.
Depweg didn’t waste any time as he smacked the first pitch to left-center field for a base hit and Abomovich came into score making it 10-8. On the very next pitch, Jenson Riley grounded one to the third basemen but he couldn’t make the play. On came into score on the error, making it just a one run game. Austin Adams then came up to the plate with the bases still loaded and took a pitch off his knee, forcing Gibson home with the tying run.
Wyatt Felver, who led-off the inning, then smoked a ball over the center fielder’s head. Depweg and Riley both came into score as Felver went into second base for a stand up two-run double, giving Parkway the 12-10 lead.
“We capitalized on the errors and that’s what you have to do,” said Clouse. “We gave them some in the first inning and it was just our turn to be on the other side. We’ve all been in that situation, as far as coaching goes, and it’s a tough, but one good turn deserves another.”
The Panthers sent Felver out to the mound to finish out the game, and he had to face the toughest part of the lineup, starting with Collin Affolder, who was 4-for-4 and only a home run away from the cycle. Felver walked Affolder, but he was then forced out in a fielder’s choice by Eric Pimental. Pimental later scored on an RBI single by Skylar Schoch, but Felver struck out Logan Stoner to end the ball game and get the save.
The Parkway Panthers move to 7-6 overall with the win and South Adams falls to 3-7 with the loss.
S. Adams: 712 000 1– 11 13 5
Parkway: 111 306 x– 12 11 4
South Adams: (AB – Runs – Hits – RBI)
Affolder (SS): 4-2-4-3 ; Pimentel (3B): 2-2-0-0 ; Rife(1B): 4-0-1-1 ; Scherrer (RF): 3-2-0-0 ;
Ingle (2B): 4-0-1-0 ; Schoch (CF): 5-1-3-2 ; Stoner (DH): 3-1-1-2 ; Nussbaugh (P): 2-1-0-2 ;
Busse (LF): 4-2-1-1 ; Sealscott (DH): 1-0-1-0 ; Wanner (P): 1-0-1-1
Parkway: (AB – Runs –Hits – RBI)
Depweg (CF): 5-3-4-1 ; Riley (3B): 3-2-1-0 ; A. Adams (LF): 4-0-1-2 ; Felver (DH-P): 5-1-2-3
Dennison (SS): 3-1-1-0 ; B. Adams (1B): 2-1-0-0 ; Abomovich (P-RF): 4-2-1-2 ; On (2B): 4-1-1-0
Gibson (C): 3-1-0-1
2B: Depweg (P) , Abomovich (P) , Busse (SA) , Affolder (SA) , Riley (P) , Felver (P)
3B: Affolder (SA)
WP: Bailey Rodriguez – 4.0 IP, 1 R, 0 ER, 5 H, 3 BB, 0 K
LP: Eric Pimentel – 0.1 IP, 4 R, 2 ER, 2 H, 1 BB, 0 K
Save: Wyatt Felver – 1.0 IP, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 H, 1 BB, 2 K